Fertilizer and Chemicals Bottle Filling and Packaging Line

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Complete packaging line including,

Six Head Flowmatic Filling Machine, Single Head Plug Pressing Machine, Cap Elevator and Screw Capping Machine.

Also available, Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling machine for this line.

The Filling machine is capable of filling 50ml to 5000ml without change parts depending upon the sizes of bottles and neck sizes

Agrochemical filling machine is used to fill various agricultural products including

pesticides bottle Filling machine,
liquid pesticides bottle filling machine,
Agrochemicals bottle filling machine,
Herbicides bottle filling machine,
Insecticides bottle filling machine,
Fungicides bottle filling machine
Variety of fertilizers Chemicals etc.
We supply agrochemical friendly packaging machines to worldwide customers and also provides automatic pesticides bottle labelling machine to support for fast and cost effective production and supply

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