Plough Shear Mixer Blender,High Plough Shear Mixer Machine ,Plough Mixer

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Plough mixer ,Nauta Mixer and Ribbon mixer machine best suitable for mix food, like milk powder, protein powder, instant noodle ,coffee , tea and vitamins , food and starch ,flour , salt , coco powder & spice. Ribbon mixer ,Nauta Mixer for Nuts, meat, Pharmaceutical intermediate, API and medicine, health food, etc capacity 50 kg to 10,000 kegs depend of customer requirement .

Plough Shear Mixer machine It is widely used in construction material, chemicals, medicine, agricultural medicine, food, feed and feed additives, yes, paints, plastics and other industries, such as solid-solid (powder and powder), mixed solid-liquid (add a small amount of powder in liquid) and wet granulation, drying and composite technology. It is especially suitable for the mixture of viscous or rubbery additive

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